Thursday, September 10, 2009

Scarf weather

Just in time for the cooler weather that is coming! Here are some of the scarfs just delivered to Turtle.

Lime green and berry sparkly linen decorated with chenille ribbon and bias cut strips of polka dot taffeta.
Dove grey linen scarf with vintage lace and plastic red rings.

Super luxurious double velvet green scarf. Vintage flower and fabric accents

This has got to be the best scarf I ever made! Almost kept it in the closet for myself. Wide, Lavender, vintage, velvet ribbon and a vintage copper bow. ( I have had this bow for over
15 years ... find a good home bow)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun washcloths

I have recently made some of these washcloths for the kids and decided to makes some for my Mom's visit that is fast approaching.

I used just pieces of left over cotton for the bias strips and this makes for a very colourful display.
I made two of these bigger with loops, so it will be easy to hang. I just extended the bias strip, made the loop and continued the sewing.
There will be a lot more of these made as gifts, they are fun and quick to make and looks great!

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