Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun Cat Pants

At last I had time to sew up some pants for the smallest or shall I say youger member of our family.
And how theme appropriate to have her wear cat pants today!

I found this great fabric at Jo-Anne's . It is a very soft , fine cord. She is going through a "I love Cats" period and seeing that we will not be getting a cat soon this was the next best thing.

The pants are cut from a pair that I made the previous year and I just added a inch and a half to the leg and a bit in the waist. She was very worried that I was cutting the old pants but had her first lesson in "cutting around" and "using as a pattern".
After they were done they did look a bit like pajama pants and that gave me the idea to have a cat face on the one pant leg. Not sure how long the whiskers will hold but we will see.
The waist is just elastic as we need easy access these days!

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Felt Berets

Oh wow it is cold today!
I am still working very hard on some fall beret's.
Last season I started the polka dot berets and they were very popular.
This year there is a lot of flowers form the recycled sweaters and then there is a bit of beading and some more dots!
Hope to get a few more done soon and load them onto Etsy.

Stay warm those of you entering fall!
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