Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New spring line available at Turtle

Hi Everyone,
We have made it through broken arms, blue eyes, floods and stiff necks but now it is back to the sewing machine for a while.
I am showing you a sneak peak of the products now available at Turtle in the South End.

Great hats, and really fun , soft, colourful scarfs. 

I just love these giant polka dots!

This hat is light and dark linen and the small turquoise and yellow rose hat has a small black and white polka dot print as contrast. The fabric is Anna Maria Horner Garden Party

I used Anna Maria Horner's new Voile line. This fabric makes you dream and dream!

These are silk chiffon scarfs with vintage plastic rings for wait and accent.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What we have been doing...

Yes it has been a while. I have been quite busy keeping my little girl busy.
She broke her arm and had to undergo surgery so she has been needing more than a lot of help and attention.
When I picked her up after the accident she was wrapped in the little blanket I made for her for school. This became OUR security blanket for the next 24 hours. She came out of the operating room with the blanket neatly placed over her. It really confirmed my love and need for fabric and was reminded how little things like that can make us calm and can make us feel at home even if we are not.

I ran to Savers to buy any long sleeve t-shirt that would fit her and cut off the right arm. This worked very well, except for bed time when she got very upset that she could not wear the right pants with the right top!
To keep her very comfy and me busy creating, I made 2 pairs of comfy, flannel pants. I love these so much and keep wondering why I don't sew for myself. She loved pinning the pattern with her "good' hand and she really loved putting these on.

Her recovery is going really well and we are all looking forward to getting the cast of and getting on with life.

The fabric is from Jo-Anne and the pants pattern is just a "copy" of pants we have. I gave the pants a extra wide , double cuff, I think it makes them look all grown up.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Uniform project

How fabulous! I am so excited !
Look, Pink Sequin made it on to the uniform project! She looks so great it this colorful beret!
Thanks to Jeanne that mentioned this great site and to Teresa for telling me I am on today!

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