Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby quilt and gifts

A while ago we were very lucky to have the arrival of a new baby girl , no not in our house but in a household that we know very well. So I had to send her a little quilt of her own. The quilt was a very last minute idea(when are they not) but so much fun to make.

 I kept it very simple and got all the fabric from Jo-Anne's . Front all cotton and back matching flannel. The quilting itself took a long time , but I am pleased with it.

Also for my friend Kate I made this plastic bag holder. Yes I know we are all suppose to be more green, but if you have kids with diapers you have some kind of plastic bag to dispose of it all. 
She phoned one day with a request and it was fun to remember my mother in law's one hanging miles away.( Maybe she needs a new one.) I love this fabric and now I need to make myself one too.
Oh and please notice my new labels!.

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

What a lucky baby to receive such a beautiful quilt! It is so beautiful.

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