Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday decorating

This week I made my first ever Christmas wreath.
I am really happy with how it turned out. At first I was sure that it will decorate the dumpster , but al came together thanks to a lot of rick-rack thrifted over a the last year.

I started with a basic shape I got from the craft store. Then just ripped up pieces of fabric that I thought would look good together . Next time I will take the time to cut fabric out in stead tearing as I spent a long time making things look neater.
I used some batting to add the curve in front. Next time I will use just a basic fabric to hold these down in place and to give another layer to the wreath.
Once the glue gun was hot I pulled the fabric around the wreath fairly tight. Once the wreath
was covered in fabric I started with the rick rack. This I think really makes it!

Lastly I cut out some flowers from felted sweaters and glued those on with the fun buttons as centers.
In the back I just made a loop with bias tape and it was all done.
Al lot of fun and I love coming home!


Julia said...

Your wreath turned out really cute!

Crista said...

Thanks it was a lot of fun to make.I feel like making more!

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