Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The yearly clean - up

I have been trying to make my studio look better by really cleaning up!
This usually happened in January, but since I just came back form a six week holiday, it felt right to really get in there and organize, get rid of and move things around.

The sad part was that I had to start by putting away the stuff from the last show.....uhg!
Anyway after many hours sorting and cutting and dusting and re-arranging it finally felt so nice today that I started working!

I am not sure at all how long the cottons will stay like this but it is so nice to see them all together!
 This is the best way I found to organize my " so nice and too small to really use pieces" of fabric. I found this great laundry basket at the Container store. 

 Still some things to put away but so much nicer!

ps Do you like the cow skin?

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