Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween crafts

The past weekend the kids and I made some fun Halloween crafts.
It is always fun to work with hand prints. You start by  painting the hand , not the thumb, with black paint and print one hand  then the other, overlapping the palms. 
You can add eyes and paint the face with white paint.

The other craft that is also fun to make are spiders out of egg cartons. 
The kids loved painting them. After they dry add eyes, nose, mouth and teeth if you choose!
I used a hole punch to make the holes for the pipe cleaners to go through .
The kids liked choosing different colours for the legs.


Julia said...

Hi Crista! I really like your ideas for crafting with young children. If you are looking for more crafting ideas, particularly ideas for crafting with preschoolers, FaveCrafts has an awesome list of the Top 20 Halloween Crafts for Kids (http://www.favecrafts.com/Halloween-Kids-Crafts/Top-20-Halloween-Crafts-for-Kids#Halloween-Crafts-for-Preschoolers). Have a great day!

Crista said...

Hi Julia,
Glad you liked what we made.
Thank you for the FaveCrafts site, they do have a lot of ideas!

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