Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween mermaid costume

This was the fist year that I made one of the kids a costume for Halloween. It was so much fun that I think that I would like to make this a tradition form now on. It was so much fun seeing her in the outfit and to hear her tell people that her Mom made it. 
Also it was easy. It's a costume and its Lycra. You don't have to really seam everything and it really only has to last for a weekend.
I used a pattern for the top, and cut up pieces of contrasting lycra in strips to sew into the sleeve before sewing it .
The "skirt" part I just cut in a basic shape of a "tail" and gathered at the waist. It worked really well. I had a lot of fabric left over , so I made a three tier frill in the back to add just a little more.
The crown closes in the back and I use the hot glue gun to add the "pearl treasures" on the front.

The belt came as a after thought. the skirt part looked too full. I attached a imitation pearl brooch to the front .
I love this photo of her looking at her brother.


Jeanne said...

How perfect. A. looked so lovely in her costume. I hope you are feeling better!

Crista said...

Thanks Jeanne, I feel like a person again today!

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