Saturday, March 12, 2011

Small change , big impact!

A while ago on one of my many wonders around the isles of Savers I came across this amazing piece of patchwork/fabric history! 
Someone went to great trouble to cut up outdated clothing form the 60's and 70's and sew them together!

I could hardly believe my luck and grabbed it at once! 
But after I washed it and looked at it I was unsure of its future. I first thought of cutting it in two and making two "matching" throws for the kids rooms.
The way this was pieced together though was row by row across so just cutting in two was not an option. And then there is was one day! I was going to hang it on the wall!



I can't tell you how much pleasure I get from this big color change! Every time I come up the stairs and see it I just love it! It has made the room so warm and cozy!
The kids also love lying on the bed and choosing their favorite block.

Do you remember wearing suits from this non-destructive fabric?

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