Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Button fun

On Sunday morning, I decided to take if very easy with the kids.
We seem to be running around way too much, rushing in and out of the house to this party and that practice  and school and homework !

So after we did the latest math homework I asked if they wanted to see some buttons. Now you have to understand that I will only share some of the buttons I have with them and they were amazed to know that I have even more!  I chose the biggest tin that has the bigger buttons in them.

They has so much fun. I was great to see how they approached this task. We spoke about what is similar, how many holes some has and then started matching.
I was amazed at how good my three year old was at doing this. She can look over the sea of buttons and find two or three matches.

They both now have a jar of their own buttons next to their beds .

After we had gone through them all I realized once again that I have some buttons that will never be used, and that is Ok with me, they are really like old friends.

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