Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Silk chiffon

I have been working on some silk chiffon scarfs this week and realized that they show why I love one of a kind pieces so much.
  • I love not having to sew the same piece twice
  • I love coming up with new ideas,and fresh new colour combinations
  • I love using one of a kind "finds" like these buttons and buckles .

There is a lot to be said for work that you can repeat and produce fast. But I think my love will always be with these one of pieces. Keeps me on my toes and uses up all my bits and pieces of clutter in my stash of stuff!

All pieces now available at Turtle


Julia said...

What great scarves! Love the designs and color coordination. You are a brave soul, I don't like sewing silky fabrics, makes me swear, something I don't do.

Crista said...

Thanks Julia,
Silk chiffon is a challenge, but not too bad if you have only a few seams to sew!

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