Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holly Jolly Decorating!

I really have a deep love for all my deer. I can't wait every Christmas to take them out and this year I have been lucky enough to receive three red velvet ones as a gift. Oh happy days!

Since I have been collecting vintage christmas ornaments they have really thinned out in the Thrift Stores. I did find a trio of these sweet pine cone and pipe cleaner elves on ski's. I love them!

I did not hang my very old real glass ornaments as the kids did the hanging this year. And believe me it is a work in progress. For me liking things a certain way, it is a bit of a challenge but so far we have only broken two ornaments!

And here is my little girl in front of our tree. I took this photo just after she received these dress up pieces from her teacher as a gift!

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