Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Wow , what a busy season and so nice to be just home with the kids. Hanging out, playing in the snow, doing lots of drawing, painting and building Lego .
Now this week I have to clean up the studio, put away, dare I say everything from the last show and get to work.
My one BIG new years resolution is going to be to sew more , for myself and others. Here is hoping it will be a really great year to be creative and wishing you the same!

Here are a few photos of our holiday season.
The kids still love watercolor painting. We combine the crayons and paints for a better picture with more detail.

Then one morning we woke up to this. It was such good timing, school was closed and we could just enjoy it.

This photo tells our Christmas story, before you could turn around it was over!

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

I did manage to sew two stockings for them on the 24th. So it was a FAST project. I traced their hands in felted wool and used a great red polka dot wool for the stocking. I really wanted to add some embroidery on the hands and around the top, add a pom pom, but I already packed these away....maybe I will get around to this next year.

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