Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines day: This year we made fast, easy Valentines cards. I gave the kids red paper and white paint, white, pink,red and purple crayons and we started crafting.
The aim was to make heart shapes with circle foam brushes, but that lasted only as long as my demo!
They then had fun using their hands, bubble wrap, and anything else they could find that would make a pattern on the paper.

After the cards dried I cut them into heart shapes and we wrote all the fiends names on them.

The other craft I made with Ady is a heart garland. This was great fun. We first drew the hearts onto watercolor paper with crayon and then used watercolor paint to paint over the crayon and now she is old enough to keep the paint inside the heart shape.
After they dried I cut them out and we strung them onto bakery twine.
They look so much like spring that I will leave them up for a while.

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