Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pom pom chick

Spring = Chicks!

Every wednesday I spend the day in the company of a charming young lady. This wednesday  it was very rainy and windy and so for some reason she did not feel like running errands with me!
A while ago I saw this project on the Crafty Crow, so it was decided that we will go to our local fabric and yarn store to buy a pom pom maker! Yeah!

Oh how fun! I have never used one of these devices , but it is so easy. Our chick did not have the florist wire legs from the tutorial, we used pipe cleaners and our chick is MUCH bigger (I got the bigger pom size) so ours is just sitting happily looking at the world!

Oh and this guy is wearing a scarf, spring can be cold in Boston!

Now I have to make at least 5 more!

Happy spring!

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