Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fabric snack bag

I have been looking at this project since Dec 2009. It was going to be part of the pile of Christmas presents for Mr A but just never got done.
I have been trying to wash and reuse plastic bags for a while but cant really get into it. Maybe just lazy, so I hope that using this fabric bag will help the environment and this way I can do my small part.

I bought a kit from Spool Sewing . It comes with interfacing, fabric and velcro and the very important instructions . I have to admit to making a few mistakes....but was able to correct all of them. The one change I did make was to sew on a long strip of Velcro in stead of just two tabs. I think it will be easier to close.

Now I would love to make more. I think I will need at least 2 more in case of some very bad spills and maybe a fun oilcloth one if the fabric gets too dirty. I wonder how this will hold up in the wash?

 I might also experiment with attaching a handle just so the five year old hands can pick it up easier and faster.
I feel like making fabric baskets for the entire house, soooooo many possibilities!

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

So cute. I've been meaning to buy this kit as well!

I love the changes to made to the pattern. I can't wait to see one with a handle.

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