Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines day cards

This was really the first year that we made Valentine's card for school friends.
Valentines day is just not so big where we are from. So this was one more exercise  in adapting to American culture, (we have been here for ten years so I guess it is about time!)

We opted for fabric hearts that can be used as decoration around the house. Mr A really got into sewing on my lap and found the way the machine hooks the thread just "awsom"! He sewed (with my help) at least 10 of the 22 hearts.  He then had to write his name and all 22 names of his class mates. It took us 2 days to complete. He did great!

Ms A did some of hers but got distracted by playing office.

Happy Valentines day!

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

These are so adorable. J. just loved his!

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