Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Much needed doorstop

Last night I made a much needed doorstop for the kids room.

The door tends to close by itself and I got real tired of dragging the laundry basket to keep the door open.We also open their door when we go to bed just so that we can hear the stirring (and couching at the moment)
I used linen and cotton fabric.  A while ago when I made the Nap time quilt, I bought a three pieces from Kokka Japan. I did not use the owls but so love them . So here they are keeping the door open for me so the light can come into the passage and I love seeing them.

I sort of made the pattern as I went along. I did make the bottom of a really nice linen and added rick rack. In retrospect that is not worth doing. It is best to cut a long strip for the sides and bottom. The rick rack would have been nicer along the sides.
I will next time make it smaller as I used 3 bags of beans and then some stuffing to keep the shape. I did use a bag inside just in case something happens to the beans. You can also use rice.

I love the handle most of all.

Can you tell that I have been reading Zakka Sewing?

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