Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A little decorating for the new year.

Every new year bring new looks and a lot of re-decorating in my house. 

Nothing, nothing gets me through this time of the year like moving furniture and a little decorating, oh and washing the curtains and scrubbing those spots I never get around  to!

I started with the kids room.  Having a boy and girl share a room keeps it pretty neutral.  I did want to room to look more unified  and found these great duvet covers from Ikea. They have similar prints but different colors. It really pulls the room together.
I have lately been hanging a lot of fabric on the walls and the kids got this great wall piece I have had for maybe the last 10 years and I have never found the right spot for it. It works really well with the covers because of the similar, bright colors.

I changed the curtains to plain white ones I found in my box of curtains to use later  and they make things light and bright. I also made a garland from vintage handkerchiefs. I used a double fold bias binding easy and quick and I like the way it came out!

We have needed a book space for a while in there and I found this great piece also from Ikea. I have two wicker baskets that has been around for a while .The one we use for library books and the other for the Tin Tin and Asterix books.
I finally took out the rocking chair from the room. It was such a nice chair and I spent so much time in that chair, but it is very big and bulky. This green chair works really well in the corner and I bought this one from Savers for $35 years ago.

 I will show you  more later in the week!

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